Leaf Rejector

Halter Metals Inc. offers Leaf Rejector Covered Metal Gutters a leafless gutter solution that brings real results to homeowners in Gainesville Florida. The patented design of Leaf Rejector gutter covers allows water to flow freely while leaves pine needles seeds and other natural debris are lifted away by the slightest breeze.

Independent tests prove the Leaf Rejector gutter system far outperforms the competition. Consider this:

  • Proven 100% effective. Against leaves twigs pine needles and small debris
  • Strong and durable. Handles up to 32.9 inches of rainfall per hour based on a 20-foot roof run.
  • Virtually eliminates call backs. When installed properly by a Halter Metal technician you’ll never worry about your covered gutters again.
  • We can install Leaf Rejector easily on any gutter—new or existing—creating a simple snug fit that doesn’t require lifting one shingle! The patented technology 10-year warranty and great international reputation make Leaf Rejector a safe bet for covered metal gutters on your home!

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